Is a four-year liberal arts degree really for you?

Though the rest of this site may have you believe otherwise, I’m not against formal studies in the liberal arts per se.

If you basically live in the library already, you find that sipping from the water fountain of knowledge is insufficient, and you would like to gulp from the fire hose, then you’re the sort of person who may benefit. But ask yourself the following:

  • Is a full four years of liberal arts what you really need? Can you graduate/drop out with a credential and without looking like a quitter after only one, two, or three years of study?
  • Is the curriculum a solid, classical liberal arts education that an 18th century aristocrat would recognize as such?
  • Are your classmates going to be of high intellect, motivation, and virtue? Will they challenge you to be more awesome?
  • Are you really just looking for an expensive four-year vacation interspersed with the annoyance of papers and exams?
  • Could you just read this stuff on your own?
  • Could you take online or night courses while doing real life or a career-oriented diploma during the day?

Mind you, you’ll still have to learn a marketable, in-demand skill in order to put food on the table while paying off a lot of student loan debt. Do you have a viable plan for that? Put some of those critical thinking to work considering that question.