– Inexpensive Ontario High School Credit Courses Online

The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) is an Ontario government-operated virtual/correspondence high school that offers a wide range of credit courses.

It can be a faster, cheaper, better option for homeschoolers or international students who wish to earn Ontario high school credits and/or an Ontario high school diploma without needing to set foot in an Ontario classroom.

Fun facts:


Students currently attending an Ontario private or public school:

  • Students currently registered in an Ontario public or private high schools and wish to remain in that school must arrange registration through their day school. Note that your school must pay ILC a tuition fee, which must come out of your school’s own funds. My guess is that the fee is something close to the $500/course charged to international students. Your school/board may also offer its own E-Learning courses.
  • Students who are currently registered in an Ontario public or private school who wish to transfer to ILC (i.e. stop attending day school and begin homeschooling) will need to file a PPM131 form (notification of home schooling) with their local school/board, have it signed by a school/board official, and get the signed copy back in order to prove to ILC that they are not in day school.